The aim of Dental Action is to offer you products with a similar quality as that of famous brands and to include a money back guarantuee in case you are not content with the product. Dental Action purchases its products directly from the producer and because these products are not linked to expensive brand names Dental Action is able to provide you with these products for much lower prices.

Dental Action is small between the giants, but strong in price, quality and service.

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The TOP products from Dental Action

Woodpecker Stand Alone Scaler U600 led

Woodpecker Stand Alone Scaler U600 led

GDT Super Torque

GDT Super Torque, Kavo Compatible

Woodpecker I led 1200 -2300 Mw-cm2

Woodpecker I led.

2 mm composite is cured in 1 second. The light intensity goes up to 2300 mw / cm2.


Woodpecker LED H ORTHO curing light

LED H ORTHO curing light. 1000-1800 mW/cm2 Max 3 seconds curing time .

Woodpecker LED H Curing Light

Woodpecker LED H Curing Light 1200mW-cm2. Hardening time of 5 seconds 3 mm and 4 mm in 4 sec/cm2


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