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Woodpecker Endo Motor Radar

The latest State of The Art Endo Engine with built-in Apex Locator from Woodpecker.

Woodpecker Endo Smart.

Woodpecker Endo Smart.

Woodpecker Minipex apex locator

Minipex Apex Locator

See and hear it. The Minipex is double-checked by the visual representation of the file progression in the root canal and progressive sound control.


Apex locator TieApex with pulp tester

State of the art Apexlocator equipped with also a pulptester to check the vitality of the nerve.


Endomotor JoySmart with apexlocator

Endomotor JoySmart with apexlocator


Endo Box

Endo Box , hard plastic autoclavable, Made in USA


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