Woodpecker LED H Curing Light

Woodpecker LED H Curing Light

Woodpecker LED H Curing Light 1200mW-cm2

Powerful Led hardening lamp for composites. Its design, user-friendly appearance and excellent hardings qualitites are the foundation of the development of the Woodpecker Led H LED hardening lamp.


The 5 watt LED lamp gives a lichtintensity of  1200 mw/cm2. This allows a hardening time of 5 seconds per 3 mm and 4 mm in 4 sec/cm2.


The manufacturer is Woodpecker, a large international operating company producing high quality dental products.


On the LED screen you can see:


Operation modes:

1 Full power mode: screen shows 01, LED works in full power.

2 Ramping mode: screen shows 02, LED turns from weak to

stronger, and reaches the highest power in 5 seconds.

3 Pulse mode: screen shows 03, LED works in the mode of pulse.


Lightly press the time button to choose the solidification time. 9

Solidification time.


working time modes are available: 3,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 seconds.



a) Light source: 5W high power blue LED

b) Wave length: 420nm-480nm

c) Light intensity: 850mW/cm2~1200mW/cm2

Dimensions: Φ25mm×252mm

Net weight: 178g

Consumption power: ≤8W


Battery power indicator on the charger!

This equipment will turn off automatically if no any action within 2 minutes, turn it on by press any button.


Available in three colours: Black- Silber-Kobalt Blue







Woodpecker LED H Curing Light

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