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Woodpecker I led 1200 -2300 Mw-cm2

Woodpecker I led.

2 mm composite is cured in 1 second. The light intensity goes up to 2300 mw / cm2.


Woodpecker LED H Curing Light

Woodpecker LED H Curing Light 1200mW-cm2. Hardening time of 5 seconds 3 mm and 4 mm in 4 sec/cm2


Woodpecker LED H ORTHO curing light

LED H ORTHO curing light. 1000-1800 mW/cm2 Max 3 seconds curing time .

Dentmate Led Curinglight 1200 mW-cm2

DENTMATE-LEDEX LED CURING LIGHT 1200mW-cm2. Very powerful hardeninglamp for INTENSIVE use!


Fibre optic for GDTsuper 1200

Light guide for GDT super 1800, 2000

Light guide for Led H

Light guide for Led H

Light guide for Dentmate Ledex

Light guide for Dentmate Ledex.

Battery Dentmate

Let the old battery be replaced so your lamp can function with renewed strength for years to come

Light shield


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