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Lares Research was founded in 1956 and has since become a recognized developer, manufacturer and global distributor of dental turbines of high quality. Lares products are put on the market as a reliable, efficient, affordable and American made.

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products in: Rotary Instruments

GDT Super Torque

GDT Super Torque, Kavo Compatible

GDT Pana-max

GDT Pana-max, compatibel with NSK Pana-max.


Turbine GDT

Turbine for GDT

Quick Coupling Midwest

Quick Coupling Midwest, standard

Turbine voor Lares

Turbine for Lares.

@Reserve lampje Multiflex koppeling Kavo

Pure Led reservelampje voor Kavo multiflex koppeling

Reserve lampje Multiflex koppeling Kavo

Reserve lampje Multiflex koppeling Kavo Halogeen.

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