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Dentmate Led Curinglight 1200 mW-cm2

DENTMATE-LEDEX LED CURING LIGHT 1200mW-cm2. Very powerful hardeninglamp for INTENSIVE use!


Endomotor JoySmart with apexlocator

Endomotor JoySmart with apexlocator


LUCK 1 type zweep

LUCK 1 type zweep.

From 6750 now for 2950 euro!

Deluxe Portable Dental Unit DA-130

Deluxe Portable Dental Unit DA-130. Ideal for home treatments or as a back up for your unit.

Alle bracket sets in de uitverkoop

Endo motor C-smart 11

Endo motor C-smart 11 for mechanically cleaning the root canal. Adjustable rotational speed, torque and auto reverse. Including manual piece.


Apex Locator C-root-1

Apex Locator C-root-1 Apexlocator C root-1. Graphical display and sound signal, accurate up to 0.1 mm Length determination using DC resistance, accurate measurements under both wet and dry conditions.

Bleaching unit fixed model.

Bleach with the COOL LIGHT 2 unit fixed model. Bleaching unit : PRODUCED AND DEVELOPED UNDER DUTCH SUPERVISION!

Intra Oral Camera WWCCDMM

Wired-Wireless system with mini monitor. 1.3megapixel CCD, AV-USB-S-Video or VGA output, 4 channels,2.5 Mini LCD Monitor

NITI K&H files

NITI K&H files

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